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Harem Pants

Fashion is like armor that helps you to survive in the world of reality. People surround you when you look gorgeous, make it worth their while and dress like you’re the creator of your style and shape. Everyone wants to have a different and new look so that people tend to copy them.

Harem pants or thai pants are like a baggy style, long genie pants that caught fit at the ankle and have a waist like a belt strip that gives a new look to amaze people. Harem pants or balloon pants are Turkish style bloomers, generically known as shalwar or Patiala shalwar in South Asia. We provide free shipment and try to deliver fashion, style, and uniqueness of other countries at your doorstep in one click. Must Check Out our wide variety of Genie Pants, Harem Jumpsuit, Harlem PantsBalloon Pants and Bohemian Pants as well.

History of Harem Pants

The name itself delivers valuable information but apart from knowing that harem pant is a type of pant, how many times we ask ourselves that what’s the origin of harem pant or bohemian pants? Why did we call it Harlem pant? What’s the reason behind its specialty and sense of unrestrained style?

Harem Pants Men

It’s about 2,000 years ago where elephant pants or harem pants originated from a dress called Dhoti, a men’s traditional piece of cloth in the eastern world. That piece of cloth went through various variations and finally became the first version of tulip shape trouser which is known as haram pants nowadays.

Harem pants or Arabian pants are loved by everyone due to its comfort, style, and design. The most loved styles of harem clothing are pleated harem, buckled-hem harem, printed Arabic harem, translucent harem, and wide style harem, etc. Cotton Harem pants are now becoming trendy because black harem pants have been worn by many hip-hop dancers, K-pop stars or coolest celebrities around the world.

They have made Harlem pants a part of fashion. Most of the Thailand pants or harem pants are designed with a drawstring or elasticized waist which allows bulky people to get the shape of their body according to their desire.

Who Should Wear Harem Pants?

Poofy pants or Harem pants are unisex, men, women, and children of any age can wear them with any pairing closet shirt. Harlem pants suit best on every occasion and festival. Girls of shorter heights or having wide hips are suggested most. Black Harem pants are designed for athletes for their work out at the gym because their muscular thighs will find more space to be accommodated in it.

Hippie pants men are widely used fashionable garments that fit most body shapes and keep athletes on track to make efforts until and unless harem pants fit the thighs. Guys love to wear it during Yoga or dance class due to its flexibility and durability. Practitioners can open their legs wide and can move them at any angle without worrying about the body parts that look prominent in skinny jeans.

Real Comfort

Life is too short to wear dull, tight, party and boring clothes. Give a try to cotton harem pants or Arabian pants and enjoy the comfort of wearing no pants at all. In Harem pants your legs look long but look perky and feet seem smaller.

Harem pants are airy, breathable, lightweight and loose pants in which you easily sit down on your feet. Apart from the durable and flexible fabric it can be washed and dry quickly. In no time you can have a pair of pants back.

How to Wear Harem Pants

If you have a bad day, wear Harem pants and let amaze everyone because style attracts others and harem pants or Japanese pants are supposed to be the focusing part of the upcoming fashion industry. It is a one-size-fit pant for men and women in different styles, fabric, design, and color. People are hesitant to wear bold pants with shirts or feel insecure or unsure while pairing with it.


The best part about poofy pants is that you can make a few changes to your skirt, shirt or shoe accessories and have a perfect dress for a party, office, club, date or lazing around the house. Different options and looks can be created if you’re willing to adopt it as a fashion.

Long Trips

Harem pants can be used for long plane or road trips because these harem jumpsuits can be rolled down and can be pressed so occupy less space while packing.

On Beach

Want to go for hangouts with friends on the beach but not in the mood to wear skinny jeans? Contrast the harem pants with slogan tee and sandals in feet. Put on headphones, play music of your choice and get ready to enjoy the summer with friends!

Night Out Plans

Having a night out plans with friends? You can still wear harem pants along with high heels and bold accessories. Get a stylish and elegant nighttime look and let the music go around your body on the dance floor and break the ice.

Office work

Getting late for the office? Change the shirt with a cropped blazer over Harem pants and wear high sandals and get a professional look in a few minutes. Yep, you conjectured it right!

What we want!

We want to give you a perfect costume that can be paired with anything. Our motive is to give you an incredibly versatile, outclass, and stylish look but with super comfortable too. Then what are you waiting for? Come forward and get a pair of at least one or four Harlem pants.

If you’re super lazy then this would be the best outfit for your hang out with friends, lunch or roaming around the house. Never miss the chance to get your favorite harem jumpsuit through us because we work for 100% customer satisfaction.

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We provide a free shipment from different sellers and make it possible for you to get your desired item from the shopping cart to your hand in a few clicks or in no time. What you have to do is just choose the best piece of cloth for yourself or your beloved one, add to the cart and fill out the credentials carefully so that we can reach you without wasting time. Our live chat facility is also available. You can also ping us at any time and we assure you that you will get our reply overtime, not overnights!

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