Balloon Pants

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Balloon Pants

Culture represents you and you are the ambassador of your culture. Everyone has his own opinion while suiting or pairing a pant with a shirt. Some people are comfortable with the old pair of t-shirts while some argue that balloon or bohemian style pants with a pair of shorts look awesome.

So, without jumping into the war of outfit’s preferences wear something that fits you, suits you better and prevents you from skin irritation.

Designed for yacht bod

Yacht bod is a slim and defined physique that isn’t too muscular. People with slim physiques can get the muscular body by wearing balloon pants. Balloon harem pants represent the culture of the region.

It’s not limited to cultural festivals but can be wear on different occasions like marriage, sports gala, yoga studios, and dance classes. Baggy style pant or harem jumpsuit seems perfect for these tasks!

Teenage boys and girls are the main wearers of it. Balloon pants are unisex which means men and women both can wear to get a stunning and vibrant look. Top or t-shirt style can be changed according to the physique but balloon pant remains the same.

dye harem pant

Balloon pants for women are a type of trouser characterized by the use of nylon. It has a belt-like elastic waist that tightens with drawstring and narrows down the closing end near feet.

Sometimes the closing end is also featured with drawstring and in between the whole area seems like a parachute.

Wearing balloon pants

Balloon pant fashion isn’t limited to local regions but also being worn by famous international stars from Halle Berry to Jennifer Lopez. All your favorite celebrities have promoted balloon pants and rocking in their style.

Don’t limit your thoughts that balloon pants pattern is for workout purposes but casual day outs, dancing or dating. Although style, color, and design can be edgy, daring and chic whenever needed.

Balloon pants suit best for:


Don’t get a feel like you’re bulky and looking prominent during the special time of your life! this time isn’t too worried about how will you cover your body. Instead of it you should capture these moments and save them for the time when you would feel exhausted and bored.

You can wear balloon trousers with a shirt through every phase of your pregnancy without fearing that you have been watched from various perspectives. It wouldn’t give you a tightening feeling around your waist and makes you stylish and sexy at that phase of life.


Are you passionate enough to travel around the world? every nation, country, and the state has its own way of representation. You may get a feel like you’re looking odd in your cultural dress while moving to another country.

Don’t worry anymore because balloon pant is a trendy outfit that is being used by every nation or country with a top or suit on it. Balloon pants cover your body so well that you don’t get a feeling like you look naked to the eyes of foreigners.

These are perfect items for boating, traveling on a plane, bus or a jeep. These are so light that you never get a feel like you have worn pants and need to walk very carefully.

These are also breathable and the most astonishing fact is that it helps to keep our luggage weight at certain. Most of the balloon pants are weigh under 200 grams and can be adjusted with 2-3 shirts.

Why one should opt for balloon pants?

Balloon pants are preferred for Yoga or Tai Chai where you need freedom of movements. Diversity of balloon pants in style and designs is so enriched that it can be a challenging task while choosing the best print and design for yourself.

It’s rare to look good as well as comfortable. If you’re spending some extra amount then comfort and look must be the primary factors of your outfit.

Let your friend compliments you!

Do you want to be known by your friends in a good sense of dressing? Ah, who don’t wants to be appreciated and called as trendy and classy person of this era by his/her colleagues and friends. Wear these balloon pattern pants from Thai Harem pants who work till their last breathe until and unless their customers are not fully satisfied.

If you want to get endless compliments in fashion don’t miss out on the chance to wear a white top and black blazer with printed balloon pants. Feel free to contact us at any time, we would be there to handle your queries at our best!

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