Genie Pants

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Genie Pants

A man should dress like he has created something in himself in the world, even if he hadn’t. Every religion, nation, country or a state needs a common channel of communication to express feelings, emotions or necessary talks.

In the fashion industry, style is the communication channel, you convey your message through your dressing, make-up and hair set. Genie pant was basically designed on Turkish style or somewhat similar to bloomers like a Patiala shalwar wear in South Asia.

Your dress should be the main focal point and in the dress, of course, let your genie pants attract others. Jeanie pants are like harem trousers in baggy style long caught in at the ankle.

Original women Aladdin pants were introduced by a designer like Paul Poiret in 1910. It was too rare at that time but now harem jumsuit and harlem pants are in trend and continuously adopted by the people of Asia and the Middle East.

Style your Genie Pant

Once you get a cozy pair of genie style pants you will not putt it off. Maybe you wouldn’t be convinced that you look good in it but you can’t forget the level of comfort.

No one can compete for the level of genie yoga pants in comfy. You would love to be into it and try to never go back for every party or hangout plans. Match some essential accessories with genie style pants and get a hilarious look at every moment.


When a trend isn’t for you, you shouldn’t be afraid to try that trend. You can let your styling shine in your casual outfit through your accessories. Wear colorful and heavy accessories with your light blue harem pants and let the world stare you for some moments.


For a casual outfit, go with a simple tank top or basic tee along with your yoga harem pants. Women genie pants come in peacock style, gorgeous print, and natural designs, you need to keep the focus of your outfit on the genie pants.

That’s why, choose some plain color tops like in black, pastels, beige or some other solid colors.

Statement pieces

Pick minimalist statement pieces like a necklace with a long bar pendant or earrings. One can also go for mala bracelets or a stack bracelet to just add a fancy touch in your outfit. Bags must be chosen according to your personalities like a fringe bag or a crossbody clutch. It all depends on the personality of a wearer.

How to wear genie pants

Genie pants look great when paired with a neutral top that suits best. Many people are in favor of crop top but some of them want to have fitted basic top that can be tuck in your genie pants.

Make sure the waist of the pant is defined well in any way no matter what you wear on it. Keep in mind your main focus is your genie pants, not your top.

Genie pants during the day

Designed in beautiful patterns, designs, colors, and lightweight fabric, we provide you the best and ideal outfit for your everyday routine. We have genie pants with an elasticated waistband that split detailing to the legs.

Some of them may also feature with built-in shorts that you don’t need to wear them separately. Genie pants cover you as well as comfy you during day time that you never get a feeling like you have been watched or your body is naked.

Bell Bottom genie pant

For daytime wear, try to team a pair of your genie pants with a t-shirt or a crop top that can be tucked into your pants. If you think full tucking looks awkward then go for French tucking where only front side is tucked into pants and leave backside as it is.

In this way you don’t only get a defined or cropped shape of your legs but also ensures that your pants are your main focusing point in the outfit.

Regarding color selection, we all are choosy in colors and select best for us. If genie pants are in print either small or large print wear bold or vibrant color shirts on it.

Selecting a printed pant along with plain shirt is a timeless style or fashion that can be adopted in a while and considered ideal for lunch, shopping trips or a day spent at your backyards.

Genie pant at night time

For an evening look, choose cardigan or a vest top over genie pants. As far as the night cools you can wear a blazer over the vest top to get chic or hip-hop look. A statement necklace is paired with your favorite bangles to keep the boho look.

Wedge sandals that can give you an extra bit of height would seem perfect!

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