Harem Pants Men

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Harem Pants men

Everyone is in the queue of adopting the latest fashion because fashion is the thing that updates you, upgrades you and outdate you independent of your ages. If you can’t follow the rules, be capable enough to go to that position and change the rules.

The fashion industry seems to work as it is. For instance, if some apparel doesn’t suit you, mold your physique and wear it under certain circumstances that it becomes a fashion and people start following you. The creator of genie pants, Harlem pants for men & women and yoga pants is a person with a huge following.

It’s a mixture of Arabian and Indian pants and is now ultra-modern. Harem pants for men are tapered at the ankle with side flaps. The best part of Harlem pant is that these can be a perfect match with few changes in accessories and shoes for office, date, club, hangouts and beach time. These Thai harem pants bring style and comfort to both exercising and everyday life.

Harem pants – Roomy

Harem pants for men are roomy enough to allow your body to occupy more space and move in any direction. Men with a muscular body can get the benefit of it and looks smart.

Harem pant – Breathable

Harem pants for men are lightweight enough to allow plenty of airflows to let in and keep your body cool. In summer, skinny jeans mean more sweating and sweating leads to itching, painful itching. So, get your balloon pants and enjoy the summer in your comfort!

Harem pants – lightweight

Harem poofy pants for men are now available in eye-catching bright color patterns. Not only colors but unbelievable comfortable designs that can be worn doing anything.

Below are three different types of harem pants for men. Let’s have an overview of each:

Drop crotch style

Baggy style pant

Drop crotch style pant is the real definition of comfort and fashion in itself. It is featured with stretchable waistband, side pockets, and drop-crotch.

Drop crotch name point out the stretching flexibility at maximum and this flexibility is the main considering point during yoga. The astonishing and wow factor lies in its comfort and full-length.

Get a hip hop look by wearing sneakers and enjoy the road trip!

Samurai Style

If you’re a lazy person and don’t want to change your outfit for dance class, yoga class or night-out plans then you are at the right place to choose Samurai style harempants.

It freely allows you to move your body parts at any angle without restrictions. Although its stock is limited in design but highly enriched in a practical and comfortable piece of cloth.

It is featured with 2 large pockets that are deep enough that you don’t need a separate bag or wallet for daily use. What makes it most wearing pants in men? Wearers who look for comfort and maximum mobility are opted to wear samurai harem pants.

Indeed, these kinds of pants would be your best friend just like Google that delivers you everything of your demand at a single platform. You would love to wear it!

Mandala style

Mandala style pants are known by their name and mostly wear by yogis. Mandala style pants have large side pockets with elastic waist and cuffs. One can wear it for a dressy occasion as well as on a casual day.

If you’re confused and doesn’t know what to pair up with mandala style pant then buttoned down shirt or a tailored jacket would best match with it. Fed up of sophisticated dresses?

Get a taste of funky outfits and live life fully!


Hippie pant men are available in almost every size, color, fabric and design. Harem pants for men are as perfect as maternity pants are. Whatever the size of your waist you can wear it easily due to elasticity and flexibility.

Loose-fitting design can accommodate the shape of your body and nothing can beat the comfort of the harem pants except no pants option.

Wearing harem pants

Let’s see what options are there to wear harem pants:

To work

Do you think poofy pants aren’t to be taken seriously? Keep your thoughts apart and try on a black or dark gray pair that is slightly tailored at thighs and calves. Match it with a jacket or a fitted tee.

Wear black socks to cover the ankles otherwise leave it all.

Holistic lifestyle

it’s simply more than your thoughts. Men like to wear harem pants because they don’t have to make much more effort. just use a sports top, or a sleeveless tank top and roll into your yoga class. You would have the best experience of your life ever!

Life is something to be taken seriously and boring dressing makes life dull and bore more than the melody of the autumn season when leaves fall. Don’t waste your moments and order now to get your desired piece of pants!

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