Harlem Pants

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Harlem Pants

Fashion is temporary and fades up with time but the style is eternal and grows your personality in the way you make efforts. Your personality is like a plant and the fashion industry seems like water to it. Plants won’t grow until and unless you don’t water it at the proper time under certain conditions.

A man has only those things for what he makes efforts in his life. Without efforts, you may get many things but they would seem tasteless to you after a while. Water your personality with style, uniqueness, and good outfits.

Harlem pants are like skinny trousers or cigarette pants that seem fit with elastic waistband and a drawstring over it. It is decorated with sashes at the waist and available in front flat style. moreover, there are many other pants like a yoga pant, Bhomeian harem pant, jumpsuit and plus size pant, etc.

printed halem pant

Harlem dance pant is a flat front style ankle length pant with large pockets at both sides and made up of polyester or rayon material. Go through the following steps before purchasing Harlem pant:

Fabric style

Comfort is more important than style because if you seem comfortable in Harlem yoga pants then automatically everyone will prompt to copy your style. Your style doesn’t attract others but your comfort level.

So, choose the fabric style cautiously especially in Harlem dance pants go for cotton blended, polyester, rayon, and other delicate fabrics. Find the best piece that fits you and your casual comfort zone.

Color and patterns

All colors have their own grace and shine. No one can compete with the person who has the best color selection and matching skills because its an art to know about which color is matching best with his/her personality. Harlem pants are diverse in nature, stock, color, and patterns. It depends on you that what type of patterns and colors you’re really interested in.

if you wear plus size pants then solid, dark and larger pants would seem better for your personality. Guys with normal or smaller height must opt lighter colors and smaller prints. Otherwise, for occasional, sports or casual activities both can choose fun patterns in vibrant, funky and eye-catching colors.

Find a proper fit

Harlem pants aren’t featured with a sag in the center halfway down the legs so there is no drop crotch. Harlem pants are like normal fit pants but not too tights. Every store follows a standard chart regarding sizes like small, medium and large.

One can also get customized Harlem pants on order. Ping us so that we can contact you to the retailer and get your desired and best-fit pant in any size. We also deal with size alterations for our customers!

Harlem pants are Unisex

Harlem pants are designed for both men and women with slight variations. A variation is like women’s sashes are bigger in size and strips around the waist and it looks like a waistband. The waistband is tied to get a classy butterfly look.

While on the other hand men’s sashes are just like a drawstring that can be used to tie a knot to hold pants at its position. The rest of the features are the same as it’s ankle-length pants etc. Ankle part is free of elastic but flexible. There are Harlem pants even for kids. Style your kids with ultra-trending fashion!

Harlem Pants wearing

Harlem pant is the synonym of fashion and styling options. Guys love to wear it at parties or to get a casual look either for offices or for a day well-spent with friends. The style in relaxed fit pant with elastic drawstring, side pockets, and leg hems.


Heels slim down the legs and give a sexy look in cropped pants. If you’re wearing leather detailing and zippers Harlem pant then go for combat shoes. Its fabric makes it perfect for traveling and nailed the look by wearing high heels with it.


Let the pants be the main focus of your outfit. Wear a cropped blazer or a top on it. If you’re top is long and looks odd tuck in your pants. Tucking is done in a slightly loose manner cropped jackets or blazer looks great because they allow the obvious features of the pant to be prominent.

Short tops help people to see the style of the fabric of your Harlem pants. Harlem pants are known due to a well-defined waist and shorter help to magnify this feature.


Harlem pants mean to give you a decent look. Wear rings and a long necklace over it. In simpler words, don’t put heavy jewelry with Harlem pants.

Everyone wants to have a perfect version of himself in stylish Harlem pants. In Harlem dance pants, legs look long, butt-looks perky and feet seem smaller. This is what a girl needs to show off during a dance competition! Go through whole stock visible on Thai Harem pants and get your desired pants in any design, pattern, and color.

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