Latest Fashion Trends: How To Wear Harem Pants?

What is the best way to wear harem pants? We’ve got the answers for you.

Harem pants are all the rage these days, mainly because they’re super soft and comfortable!

 However, the style is still new to the US and people often wonder how to wear harem pants correctly

  Are you wondering how to wash or take care of your harem pants? then we at thai harem pants have a few excellent tips for you! 

Harem pants are worn by several people across the globe but have come into fashion recently and have hit the fashion market hard.

Check out our special and find out your own personal harem pants style that suits you!

What are Harem Pants?

how to wear harem pants?

Harem pants are classic Eastern legwear that loosely resembles joggers but is made out of a software fabric and loosely fits around the waist.

Harem pants are worn by several people across the globe but have come into fashion recently and have hit the fashion market hard.

However, the style is still new to the US and people often wonder how to wear harem pants correctly. Harem pants are extremely comfortable, often breathable and are arguably the most comfortable legwear you’ll ever come across. With a cute knot to tie up your ankles and lose cloth through your legs, you feel comfortable while looking chic.

However, not everyone knows how to wear harem pants and hence, we’ve decided to pen down an article to help you better understand how to be fashion-forward with these out of the world pants. 

Harem pants can be worn on a number of occasions. They look just as good with crop tops as they do with formal shirts and apparel. At the same time, in the east harem pants are usually worn with long shirts as well. 

Basically, if it looks good to you, your harem pants outfit is good to go. 

Let the most fashionable celebs teach you how to wear harem pants!

celebs in harem pants

Several celebrities have been seen wearing harem pants as well.

If you want advice on how to wear harem pants from some celebrities check out the formal looks Amal Clooney pulls off with harem pants or the chic and edgy looks Rihanna pulls off effortless with her various crop tops and different kinds of harem pants. 

Every avenue of life has space for harem pants, you just need to learn how to successfully incorporate them. Let’s take a look at the various 

What to wear with harem pants?

which harem pants style should you wear?

Harem pants can be worn with a number of different shirts.

It mainly depends on the kind of harem pants you’re wearing. If they have been fashioned in a formal way then they can be worn with button-up shirts or formal shoes and some simple accessories. The colours should be simple and toned down. 

Harem Pants with short tees:

At the same time, you can wear harem pants with crop tops or short tees as well. There are examples of celebrities pulling off effortless looks with harem pants. We suggest using a deeper or darker colour for your short shirt, crop top or tee and then pairing it with the harem pant of your choosing. As mentioned before there are several different kinds of harem pants out there.

Harem pants with boho-chic vibes:

If you’re hoping to try something traditional or boho then try going for a plain harem pant, (preferably without the bows to tie up the ends at your ankles. Try getting flowy harem pants) the colour could be just about any you choose and then pair them up with a tie and dye shirt to get the boho chic effect. 

Sagging harem pants:

Some people prefer the more laid back version of harem pants which sag from the middle. These type of harem pants are for both men and women and can be worn with a number of different shirts and accessories. 

What kind of accessories should you wear with harem pants?

what to wear with harem pants?

You can wear a number of different accessories with harem pants as well. For the harem that sag in the middle you can wear scarfs and beanies pushing the boundaries of winter and summer fashion. At the same time, you can wear a single long-chained necklace with these harem pants as well. 

People often ask what kind of shoes can you wear with harem pants.

Well, the category of that is endless.

We’ve seen a number of celebrities wear heels and high heeled boats with their different interpretations of the harem pants look and we are all for it! As for men, harem pants have been worn with just about everything! From joggers to formal shoes.

It’s time for you to get creative!

Which Harem pants styles should you wear?

are harem pants in style?

Wide style harem pants

These harem pants resemble skirts but you can tell the distinction by the knotted ends. These kinds of harem pants look the best with crop tops and short shirts.

Arabic harem pants

Arabic harem pants are the most traditional and are usually worn usually by belly dancers. They date back to the 1st century and are usually associated with Arabic culture today. 

Printed harem pants 

Printed low harem pants are low waisted harem pants usually printed in a fine boho print to give an effortlessly cool vibe. This can be worn with a number of different shirts as well, but people usually combine bra tops with these to give the pant more time to shine. 

Buckled hem harem pants 

Buckled hem harem pants can be given you an edgy and dangerous look and are most commonly worn with plain bra tops or plain shirts to give it a military look. People often wear high heeled boots with these. 

Harem pants with waist knot

Waist knot harem pants look super cute and girly and usually come with an adorably ruffled waist with a knot tied around it. This waist knotted harem pants can be worn with casual tees and even with formal shirts and can be used as office wear as well.

Are harem pants in style?

Harem pants look good with just about anything and so, harem pants are always in fashion.

Different styles of harem pants come and go, but you can always find harem pants on the runway every year. This is mostly because they are super comfortable and stylish!

how to style harem pants?

There are many different kinds of harem pants, hence, styling them won’t be an issue for you.

There is a harem pant for everyone out there, no matter what your personal style is! So,  there is totally a different harem pant for just about every outfit. 

Which Harem pants should be worn for work?

Plain harem pants can mainly be worn for work as they work best with formal tees. Some people have often incorporated low waist harem pants in their work outfits as well. The possibilities with harem pants are honestly endless!

How to wear harem pants casually?

Harem pants are mostly made for casual wear, so just about every harem pant you see, other than the obvious formal ones, can be worn casually in one way or the other.

If you’re wondering how to wear harem pants casually you can always try getting the loose printed ones as they cannot be worn on formal occasions. 

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