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Plus Size Harem Pants

Style is the way of telling about your inner thoughts and about your soul to the world that who you’re and how you take things. Style builds self-confidence and gives you an opportunity to describe the most complicated things in a highly simple manner.

Everyone in the fashion industry maintains two things: a classy look and a fabulous outfit. Your outfit plays an important role in describing your thoughts and status. Also, check out the latest stock of harem jumpsuits, and Harlem pants at Thai harem pants category pages.

Try to choose the style as your best friend as compare to fashion because fashion says “me too” while style says “only me”. You try different things to look smart and fabulous and get your genie pants to match with your shirts from Thai harem Pants!

long blue plus size pant

Every brand follows some standards regarding size in harem pants like small, large and medium. Some also get orders for customized size when their customers don’t find the right and fit size in harem pants. According to the US clothing industry plus size harem pants are of size 14 and above.

This size is made by looking at the average height and size of American women.

What size pants I should wear? You can find your perfect fit from our size guide available on our site. The website used international conversion charts and you can find width, length size system with pants cuts.

There are three standard-size systems and people use one of them to know about their pants size while ordering online eCommerce stores.

EU pants sizes

EU pants sizes declare pant size in numbers and typical pant size for women is 40 and for men is 50. This system is mostly used in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Europe, and its surrounding countries.

Most common

It is about a width-length-size system commonly used by everyone. Width is separated from length with the help of a cross or a slash sign. For instance, it may be written as 34×32 and 28/30. Men and women use this size system for dress pants, jeans, and harem pants.

US standard pants sizes

The average height of American women is 5’3” and weight is 168.5 pounds. She used to wear 16 or 18 size harem pant. US size system introduces sizes in XS to XXXL. XS is an abbreviation for extra small while X corresponds to extra, S for small and L for large.

This system is usually used by men and women for workwear pants, lounge pants, and jogger pants.

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