Harem Pants: Their Fascinating Origin & History

What are Harem pants:

You’ve probably heard of them but what are Harem pants exactly? Well, harem pants are a style of loose and comfortable pants that are tapered at the bottom near the ankles.

 Their design is what makes them so unique, the spacious and free-flowing shape of these pants makes them perfect for casual events and just chilling out. Exercise and activities like yoga can also be very fun and relaxing if you decide to wear these pants. So where can you get these pants, lucky for you Thai harem pants has the largest and most diverse collection of harem pants on the market. 


Origin of harem pants:

harem pants origin and history

The exact origin of these pants is shrouded in mystery, according to some views, these harem pants took inspiration from the middle eastern dress known as the dhoti. Which put simply, is a cloth wrapped around the waist.

It was usually worn by the women since it concealed their bodies, but the men also wore it since it was very comfortable and allowed them to do their work with relative ease (Which usually involved farming). Even after hundreds of years these pants are very popular and are still worn by people in the rural sides of Eastern countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India

Whereas, Some estimates point to an entirely different origin story, an origin that takes place in Persia and involves a special type of legwear known as a shalwar. This is a baggy type of pants that looks a lot like the modern harem pants. Due to their similarity, they are usually considered as the rightful originators of this tradition. In fact, the name harem also comes from this very reason.

So even if the exact origin of these pants is a little unclear, one thing is for sure, and it’s that these types of pants certainly originated in the East and later were incorporated into western society. 

History of harem pants:

Modern harem pants

So now that we know how these pants came to be or where the inspiration came from, let’s discuss how they got incorporated in western societies? It really interesting to see cultures and in fact, entirely different worlds merge together. 

The 1800s:

So it all started back in the 1800s this is when women were fighting for equal rights, the feminist movement was quickly rising. At that time they were considered very controversial, people did not know what harem pants were and what sensation they would become.

The women which were part of that movement started wearing these pants, it symbolized their authority and also helped them send out a message to all the people that men and women are equal and there shouldn’t be discrimination between the two.

The 1900s:

After that harem pants disappeared from the scene and only returned in the 1900s or specifically 1909. This is when the renowned French designer Pierre Poiret introduced a collection that included harem pants. They once again became popular, women started to wear them once again but just as quickly as they had made their reappearance they once again disappeared. 

The Late 90s:

Now let’s jump to the late 1900s, around 1970 and 1980 these pants once again started to rise in popularity, they were sometimes associated with the hippie movement but they were much more than that. Celebrities like Mc hammer got involved and gave these amazing pants the boost that they needed.

Although the pants worn by MC hammer were a little different from the traditional harem pants, they were close enough to launch the pants into the modern market. By the way, the MC hammer pants actually had a different name, they were popularly known as the hammer pants, a fitting name if you ask me. 

The modern world:

That’s not how the story of the harem pants ends, as with all trends the demand for harem pants also started to diminish but luckily this time they were saved by none other than Ralph Lauren in 2009 when he launched his very own take on these pants.

That was the last boost these pants needed, now their demand is ever increasing. Celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber even got in on the trend and wore them to multiple concerts. 

Different types of harem pants:

So now that you know about the origin and history of these pants lets talk a little bit about the different types of harem pants available on the market right now.

The first type is the classic, its simplistic looking pants with no special patterns. Looks great if you going with a traditional or a minimalistic look. These are exactly the ones that were worn by the Persians.

Traditional harem pants

If you want something that is a little more vibrant and dynamic then you should get the patterned harem pants, these pants have beautiful and unique patterns on them full of different colors and designs. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t like the minimalist look.


Pattern harem pants

Other types include waist knotted ones which as the name suggests has a knot at the waist, there are the tapered ones with the tapered sides there also buckled ones which have one or numerous buckles running along the length of the harem pants lastly you have another distinct type of which includes a division in the bottom.

Buckled harem pants

So with this new knowledge, you can now hopefully answer the question, What are harem pants and you can also share the origin and history of these pants.



Why are they called Harem Pants?

Well since the harem pants took inspiration from the Turks and the design of the shalwar that the Turkish women wore, this is the reason they were called the harem pants.

What are the Aladdin pants called?

Aladdin wore a special sort of traditional Turkish pants known as the harem pants, in Aladdin, you’ll see that it’s not only Aladdin but almost all the people in the movie wore these pants even the princess jasmine. 

Can you make these pants at home?

Well, it is possible to make these super comfortable pants at home, it is a little difficult. So if you’re up to the challenge read this article. It’ll show you exactly what you have to do and how you have to do it.

Are harem pants comfortable?

Of course, they are, the overall design is made for lasting comfort. One look at the harem pants will tell you that they are super comfortable. However it does depend on which type you’re getting, so if you just want something comfortable and casual then go for the traditional one.

What are harem pants made of?

Different manufactures use different types of material but we here at Thai harem pants use 100% cotton, it’s super soft and comfortable to wear.

What are harem pants used for?

Harem pants are used in light activities and to relax. In short they area casual wear which can be worn throughout the day.

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